Dorico jumps to flow 1 all the time

In a project with 25 flows (songs for choir) I often/all time have to “ask” Dorico to keep focus on the flow I’m working on. I do this by the “Go To Bar” command. This is the case if I change layout - going from a part to full score - and often also if I change zoom level. I know the trick with selecting an object, but I think this might be a part of another problem: Dorico doesn’t have a way to determine which flow is the current flow! This is the case in the Print tab - Filename Options, where Dorico can’t extract the name of the flow, that I’m looking at.
Isn’t there a way that the team - halleluja!! :wink: - could come up with some kind of clever solution, maybe a preference, that allows me to make Dorico “stay with me” on the flow, that I’m working on?

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In general, if you have something selected in the music, then when you switch layout or view type, Dorico will keep things in view for you.

Hi Daniel
As mentioned in my post, I know that selecting something in the score might force D. to stay on that specific flow, but there are many times - in the Print View ex. - where this is not possible. In a busy situation - writing out edited parts for a choir or band - it would be so nice to have this final issue fixed. Switching lay-outs in a 105 page project, brings my back to page 1 although I’m on page 90!
I know the whole flow idea is a core ingredient in Dorico, and one of the reasons why I have been recommending it so enthusiastic, but lately I have to confess that I have been swearing quite a bit, when I was late for rehearsals due to this -“behaviour”.
Couldn’t we have a preference that would allow to turn on a “point to flow” function? This could be so useful, also in Print View where it could be used to fill out flow titles in the Filename Options and so on!

This is a very real problem that’s also annoying me somewhat on a large project I’m working on. It seems that there should be a better way than me having to remember to ‘select something’ before I switch views.