Dorico jumps to somewhere far away in the score when adding/deleting bars/beats using pop over

When I try adding/removing bars/beats using the shift + B pop over in galley view, Dorico jumps to somewhere far from where I was working on in the score, so I have to find my way back to where I added the bar every time I do this operation.
It looks like a bug and is quite annoying. And I have seen the same issue on my friend’s system as well.

I am using the latest 3.5 version on MacOS big sur.

I’m sorry this is giving you problems. When dealing with this kind of “view jumping” problem it’s always helpful to have a concrete example. To help me look into it effectively, could you please provide both “before” and “after” screenshots showing what was selected and what was in view before you used the popover, and then what is in view after you use the popover. Please be sure to specify how many bars you’re adding or removing via the popover. And please make sure your screenshots are of the entire display on which Dorico’s window is found.