Dorico keep crashing on the same note

Mac big sur here, i9 32gb Ram.
Uad Apollo x8, Dorico PRO 3.5, everything UPDATED.

my dorico keep crashing i don’t know why.

here is my reportDorico (3.2 MB) Dorico (3.2 MB)

Thank you

Welcome to the forum, @federiscores, and I’m sorry that your first post here concerns a crash. It looks like you might be encountering a specific problem relating to a particular project. Is there a certain set of steps you take that seem to cause the crash? Can you attach the project here and tell me the operation you’re trying to complete when you experience the crash?

Piano Concerto Mozart k467 (1).dorico (1.2 MB)

SECOND VIOLIN - BAR 290-291 Sol#
I was trying to transform 2nd violin sixteenth note to quarter note or half-note

Is so strange because I sent the same project to my collegue and he had the same problem

Here it works as expected. I selected the first 16th on third beat of bar 290 (g#) type 6 and the note turns into a quarter, and by typing 7 into a half.
I’m using Windows.

Works here as expected, as well.
I’m using Mac.