Dorico keeps crashing

Hi everyone! I was just having a usual workday on Dorico, which was working fine all afternoon…then suddenly, after heading out for a while, it keeps crashing whenever I do certain things. I can’t figure out what is the connection between these things, or whether there are more, but I’ll describe them anwyay.

  1. trying to flip this slur.

  2. trying to shorten a rest with insert mode on, with a bunch of complex music afterwards.

  3. moving note spacing in engrave mode.

Also, for some reason one system keeps disappearing when I’m scrolling past it.

Everything else works perfectly after a cold boot (Win10), but after a crash, the audio engine doesn’t work at all until the next reboot.

I think the splash screen said ‘audio engine process died’ at least once, but I’m not sure it does so every time.

I’m using ASIO through the steinberg UR22mkII.

I’m attaching the dorico diagnostics.

I’m on 3.0. I’ve yet to get myself 3.5 (I will) but I doubt that matters.

If anyone can help, thanks!

You should be on 3.1.1, numerous bugs have been solved in respect with 3.0

Certainly you should download the Dorico 3.1.10 update, though these crashes don’t look especially familiar to me. Would you be able to attach the project that’s giving you problems, together with the steps to reproduce the crash e.g. when flipping the slur?