Dorico keeps hanging on Windows 10

The only thing that has changed on my Windows 10 machine is Microsoft updates. But these lastc couple of weeks Dorico keeps hanging with a greyed out screen and the process has to be killed. Is anybody else noticing this? I suppose not, as there are no posts, except there is a very similar post re the same thing happening on a Mac. From that thread I can’t see that it is my audio buffering as nothing has changed there and it has been running fien for a year. I used NotePerformer and Halion alternately.

I use Dorico full time all day, so I am seeing this several times a day. I just reboot but that’s not exactly ideal.

Any ideas? Any other instances of this?

I am new to dorico and have windows 10, but for me dorico always crashes when my computer goes to sleep.

I never leave programs open when the computer might go to sleep. It saves me many hassles.

In Dorico’s case, it is surprising that the Audio Engine allows your computer to sleep if Dorico is open; but if going to sleep shuts the audio engine down, Dorico will balk when you try to start it up again.

In my case, unrelated to Sleep issues. I am working on it all day - too busy too sleep! :slight_smile:

Hi Andro,
could you please choose from Dorico’s main menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks.

Also, please check the following: Along with Dorico the VSTAudioEngine process gets launched. You can check that in the TaskManager by unfolding the Dorico process. Then, when Dorico greys out, check again and see if that audio engine process is also still around.
On the unfolded items, you can highlight them and do a right click. From the pop-up menu please choose ‘Create dump file’. Please do this for both, the Dorico and VSTAudioEngine process. Zip it up and also attach here.
Thank you very much