Dorico keeps re-adding final measure after a key change

So, I have a file with a ton of flows, covering all the recitatives from a large Oratorio. Often these recitatives have a key change at the last measure of the section before going on to the next section. I’m able to put the courtesy key-change at the end of the flow, but every time I re-open the file, it is re-adding a full bar of rest after that key change in each flow. Is there a way around this? How to create a final bar courtesy key-change with a double (not final) barline?

In the score, in Write mode:

Click on the final barline in the flow.

This step is important. If it is not done, the score will look OK but the parts will have a rest showing at the end of the flow.
Enter a time signature as a pickup bar (eg 2/4,1).
A 2/4 bar with a 1-beat rest will appear.

Select either the time signature or the 1-beat rest and enter a key signature. The selected barline should now have changed to a double barline with a key signature.

In the extra bar (the one following the key and time signatures) select the rest in all the staves.
Open the Properties panel (lower zone) and click on Force position and duration.
[ In earlier attempts at refining this procedure, I noticed that sometimes the Force duration and position Property disappeared after clicking on it. ]
In the Edit menu, do Remove rests.

Open Notation Options, select the relevant flow in the Flows list on the right-hand side (it should be selected automatically, but check to be sure). In Barlines > Automatic barline at end of flow, click on No barline and Apply.

Select the time signature.
In the Properties panel, click on Hide time signtaure.


Note 1 - Hide Signposts if you find them irritating.
Note 2 - After completing the above successfully, if you enter notes in the bar immediately before the hidden time signature, the 1-beat rest will re-appear. You will need to do the Remove rests step again.

Key-sig’s at ends of flows .dorico (1.3 MB)


Thank you for this solution. Wow, that is truly inelegant and not at all intuitive! I’m glad you’ve figured a way, but yikes this should be easier to do. :slight_smile:

Addendum (nearly 2 hours later) to my earlier post:

Step 2 seems to be not as important as I originally thought, and can probably be omitted.
I included it for two reasons:
a) while refining the procedure to be reliable, this step made a difference (at least in some of my previous experimentation);
b) I had used variations on the procedure with earlier versions of Dorico in which it seemed like it really did need to be done, otherwise the “removed” rest would re-appear the next time the project was opened.

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Addendum to the first addendum:

When I tried it again, some hours later, inputting a time signature with a pickup WAS necessary for the desired result to be achieved. So it looks like it would be wise to do step 2 as originally given.
I find it a little mystifying that sometimes it is needed and sometimes it is not. Maybe it depends on how long the Dorico session has been and whether or not other projects have been worked on during that session.