Dorico latest Version Playback Issue

Hello there
When I open a Dorico-File I made a couple of months ago:

  • Halion 7 doesn’t show up in the Sound-Setting Panel in Playbackmode
  • Groove Agent SE doesn’t show up either
  • The Soundlibrary doesn’t automatically switch to e.g. Iconica Sketch
    I did the VST “reset” in the preferences, started new- nothing happened…

Does anybody have the same issue?
If I start a new project from a scratch, everything sets up properly.
Thanks for your thoughts


Here are some screenshots:

We’d need to see enough of your Dorico file (perhaps just a couple of measures) to evaluate the problem.

In Dorico, Halion Sonic is Halion Sonic7. I believe this is different from the Steinberg VST Halion 7 (which you would have to purchase separately).
(All very confusing)

That’s right. Forgot to write it correctly- it should have written Halion Sonic.

Thanks Derrek- I think, right now I was able to solve the issue!
→ Since it’s an “old” project made on Dorico 4.3, the playback template was not set automatically to the “Iconic Sketch, HSO, HALion Sonic Sel., Olympus, GASE” template.
→ I have changed this manually, clicked “Apply and close” → All fine!!!

Thank you for helping - the forum is really great!