Dorico licence behaviour after OS upgrade?

Sometime over the next few days I will be upgrading my Mac from MacOS 10.13.6 to 10.15.7, which is the latest System version it will run. It will be on the same drive on the same computer, with no changes in hardware setup (amount of RAM, storage capacity, etc.). Will the Dorico licence just keep on working, or will I have to de-activate and then re-activate? Pre-Dorico, any MacOS upgrades I have done have usually gone without any problems except for older software sometimes not liking the newer System. I have been using Dorico since December 2020, (registered via eLicenser).

Don’t worry about it:

  1. There probably won’t be any problems.
  2. There’s nothing you can do to reduce the chance of problems pre updating to Catalina.

If that sounds negative, I really don’t mean it in that way!

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Thanks for that info, Leo.
I’ll see how I go.
Reasons for updating the OS are so I’m not too ancient in terms of the OS, and in preparation for Dorico 4 which, I understand, will require MacOS 10.15 as a minimum.

Sure. If Dorico doesn’t want recognise the license after you update to Catalina, it’s normally just a case of closing Dorico, opening eLicenser Control Center and allowing it to complete its maintenance tasks.

Sounds good!

Runs fine on both Catalina and Big Sur here.


That’s good to know. My experience with Dorico so far has only been with High Sierra.
My primary concern was about whether the licensing would need any sort of re-activation after the OS upgrade. Software companies variously bind the licence to the installation drive, the computer itself, or even the hardware setup (amount of RAM, storage capacity, etc.). I was curious to know if there would be any hoops to jump through, but it seems like it should be fairly pain-free.

Worst case. It’s very easy to reactivate if you get a new computer/hard drive. Just log into your Steinberg account, click on Reactivation, select your computer/eLicenser and reactivate. You will get a new activation code for your new computer.


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Thank you, Jesper. It is always useful to know this sort of info beforehand.
At the moment it’s only an OS upgrade on the gear I have. Any hardware upgrades will, at the earliest, be well into next year.