Dorico license issue

I followed the procedure for activating the upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 4 but in the activation manager the license is still being verified.
I tried the following procedure but nothing worked:

I contacted support and followed all the steps indicated, after which they tried the remote control but it didn’t help. The license is always being verified. Suggestions?

Were you in touch with Steinberg’s support team in Hamburg, or with the support office of your local distributor? Do you have a ticket number you can share?

The ticket number is #449285
The operator was very kind and left the ticket open telling me that a solution would surely be found in the following days.
I thought the problem was with the license type. My Dorico 3.5 is"grace period eligible" but I didn’t know this option and I bought the Upgrade license. But maybe it has nothing to do with it …

I won’t step in when our support team are already helping you with this issue, but it may be worth you submitting an additional reply to your open ticket to let the person to whom your ticket is assigned that the issue is not yet resolved.

Thanks for the reply. I wait a few days and then I will request to check.
The verification in progress tells me that the license will expire on 12/02; there is still a few days of time …