Dorico license issues installing second copy on new computer

Good afternoon. I am posting because I have exhausted all of my other resources in an attempt to understand how to actually run this software on a new computer.

I purchased Dorico 4, installed it successfully on a Mac computer, and upgraded to a Windows PC. I am trying to install it on my new PC, and have downloaded the SAM and the Elicenser. For some reason, the elicenser can’t recognize my Download access code. My elicenser is registered with my account.

When I go to the Steinberg website, I can see my elicenser, but I cannot see my software purchase for some reason. Despite this, in the Steinberg download access manager, I can download the software and it says I am eligible for free upgrade to Dorico Pro 5 because of the grace period. After installing the software, I have found that I still cannot actually run it because of the license issue.

How can I get Steinberg’s software to recognize my purchase?

Welcome to the forum, @gangqinshitucyj. You don’t need to do anything with the eLicenser or your Download Access Code on your new computer. Just install Dorico 4 on your second computer, and run it: you will be prompted to sign in with your Steinberg ID by Steinberg Activation Manager. Sign in, and that’s all you need to do.