Dorico License

Hi there,
Today I forgot my USB dongle and was wondering if there is a way to use Dorico without a dongle. I don’t want to create a big headache if I have to go back and forth but I thought I check, A- if it is possible to do soft version of the license, and B- what are the disadvantages of going that route instead of USB license.

Yes, you can certainly use it without a dongle, but you need to make that choice when you first activate it.

An obvious advantage of the e-licenser that it doesn’t require a dongle… And the disadvantage is that you cannot use the software on multiple computers without purchasing multiple licenses.

Search the forum for “dongle,” and you’ll find a plethora of reading material. Nobody likes it, everybody’s looking forward to an improved licensing system, etc.

If you’ve not had a 30-day trial version of your current version of Dorico installed on your computer, then you can request a trial and install the trial activation code on your Soft-eLicenser, which means Dorico will run for 30 days on that computer without needing your USB-eLicenser. But you can only have one trial license for a given major version of an application on your Soft-eLicenser (so that you can’t just continually re-request trial licenses and use the software in perpetuity without buying it).

Thank you both to Daniel and dankreider for the information. I think if people can’t go back and forth with soft license vs. dongle, I rather stick to dongle idea (hopefully I don’t forget it again or misplace it or gets stolen!). Ideally I would like if I could liberate it off dongle and assign it to the software only and then once I have the dongle back, I liberate it from the software and assign it to dongle. I mean at the end of the day there is only one serial key is used which is the right of the owner one way or another. But I understand for security reasons or limitation of proper coding in the foundation of the software authentication, it is not developed that way.

The days of the USB-eLicenser are numbered, so in the future we will be moving to a more flexible licensing system. We all just have to survive until then!

Is it possible to share more information about this?
Will we be able to install on two machines without dragging around a dongle?

Yes, very likely, though there’s no concrete news to share at this stage about how the new system will work or when it will arrive.