Dorico Licensing Issues

I’ve been having issues with my licences for a while now.
In the middle of working Dorico decides it’s not registered.
A weird thing I noticed today is that the message states that the application “Dorico elements” caused the error, while I have Dorico Pro (and it does indeed run as dorico pro when I look at the “about” screen) - not sure if that means anything.

It might work itself out after several minutes - it might not. This is a VERY frustrating issue. I was hoping a new elicenser would solve this. It didn’t.

Things I’ve tried:

  • I have already purchased a new elicenser and moved the licences over there - to no avail.
  • I tried multiple usb ports on the computer itself (iMac Pro 2017), as well as powered usb hubs.
  • I installed the latest elicenser software.

I’m officially out of ideas.

I now have a project mid work that I can’t save because of the error - that is really bad.
BTW, this also happens with cubase every now and then.

Unfortunately it appears that the 64-bit version of the eLicenser subsystem works unreliably on some Mac computers, especially when using the USB-eLicenser. I’ll send you a time-limited activation code you can put onto your Soft-eLIcenser, which should hopefully work a little more reliably.