Dorico loads project incorrectly, then crashes while editing project


I am currently working on a project that is causing Dorico to behave weirdly (and sometimes crash). For example, whenever I open the file after restarting Dorico, there are 3 rests (2 on page 7, 1 on page 9) that unhide themselves despite being hidden when the file was saved:

I also noticed that grace notes at system breaks get cut off even though they display fine prior to reopening the file. The most glaring issue though, is these four staves where the staff lines disappear entirely, and the system breaks are completely messed up:

I’ve found that I have to delete and remake the system breaks in a specific order to get it to display properly and not crash the app at the same time. What’s worse, editing the project without first fixing this last issue usually causes the project to crash, and it is becoming incredibly tedious to have to do this every time I want to work on the project. Anyways, these are far from the only issues I’ve experienced with this particular project, but I hope that these are enough to give a sense of what is going on.

I’ve attached the project and a zip of a diagnostic report in the hopes that someone can help me fix the project and explain what, if anything, I’m doing incorrectly.
Piano Sonata No. 1.dorico (587.9 KB) (2.8 MB)

Is Dorico 2 still supported (see header tag). Would upgrading to Dorico 4 help solve your problems? You could install the 30-day trial to find out.

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Welcome to the forum, @averyyang. I think the main problem with your project, in terms of the staff lines not drawing, is that Dorico is unable to fit the music you’ve requested it fit onto the system. If you go to the Page Setup page of Layout Options and reduce the rastral size from e.g. size 3 to size 4 or size 5, you should find things start to behave a little better.