Dorico loads the Kontakt player and not Kontakt 5

Dorico 4.2.0
Win 10
Kontakt 5

Dorico loads the Kontakt player and not Kontakt 5

I have created the directory: C:\Program Files\VstPlugins and put the Kontakt .dlls into it. I added this directory to the VST2 plug-in paths. It didn’t list the the player in the white or black lists. I type the player’s name into the whitelist (which is just called Kontakt), move it to the blacklist, quit Dorico, reopen Dorico and it isn’t there.

I even renamed the player’s .dll to try to prevent it from loading. Dorico must be finding it elsewhere as it loads anyway.

I believe Kontakt and Kontakt Player are the same plug-in these days, aren’t they? I believe whether you see Kontakt or Kontakt Player depends on the kind of license you have. Are you definitely correctly signed in to Native Access?

I am able to install items within Native Access, so I must be logged in OK.

My Kontakt is rev. 5, my Kontakt Player is rev. 6, so as of Kontakt 5, they are separate.

Please do in Dorico from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. From the logs I can see what the audio engine pics up.

Weird. I was working in Dorico today and noticed something new: the VST Rack had Kontakt 5 listed. Now I can run the full version of Kontakt! Did I do something that required a reboot to take effect?

Since I don’t know how I fixed it, I am afraid I might break it again.

Do you still want a diagnostic report?

If you don’t mind, yes please.

Dorico (1.0 MB)

Thanks for the data. Yes, Dorico picks up both, Kontakt 5 and 6.
Kontakt 6 is a VST3 plug-in and therefore always detected, whereas Kontakt 5 is VST2 and you have to tell Dorico the path to it, in order that it can find it there.
Probably you edited the VST2 paths, but did not restart Dorico because a scan of the plug-ins takes place only ever during start-up. That would explain the behaviour you saw.

The problem has started again. It’s launching the player rather than Kontakt 5. This means that my Kontakt instruments only run in demo mode.

I had restarted Dorico a few times and it only launched the player. After I rebooted my machine Kontakt 5 started launching.

To be honest, then I don’t know any more…

It certainly doesn’t sound like a Dorico issue, but rather an issue with Kontakt itself and the way it chooses what version to run. I suggest you contact Native Instruments’s technical support for further assistance.