Dorico long menus scrolling issues


After a few weeks with the program I have to admit I have a problem with some of the menus in Dorico.
The speed is the main issue, but the content accessibility is also a concern.

For example, the Range menu from the Glyph section of the accidental Editor or Music Symbol editor takes for ever to be scrolled through.
The content is sometimes huge and I would love to have :

  • a more condensed presentation of the content (the items are so big, making the scrolling so long and slow)
  • a superimposed scroll bar allowing me to go fast in the zone I need to reach (bottom, etc.)
  • a search filed narrowing my search (like : EDO)

I don’t know if this has been discussed earlier in the forum so forgive me if that is the case…
All the best

Yan Maresz

Yes, this is a bug in the Qt framework that we’re using, which they’re aware of. For now, you can alleviate things somewhat by typing the first letter of the thing you’re looking for to jump to it in the list.

Related: when editing the project properties for names of flows, etc. (sorry, I forgot the right term), the enter key is off the bottom of my screen. It would be nice if that window were scrollable. Usually I can get out of it by hitting enter, but it’s like driving blind!

ah ok…
thanks for your reply