Dorico Loosing Licensing

Just ran into an issue with Dorico thinking that the application is not registered, when in fact it is.

After working for a while in the app, a dialog displayed when trying to save the project stating that “Application not registered:”, followed by another dialog when confirming it with OK that states “Error: product not activated or feature not available”.

Had to close the application with electing not to save changes due to the repeat error on trying to save. As the application closed, a number of licensing errors appeared for the Halion instruments Dorico loads.

Dorico started normally after that with no further issues so far.

Anyone run into this?

macOS Sierra 10.12.1

No such Problems with Dorico.
Try to update on Mac OS 10.12.2. Maybe it is a solution. Somtime it helps.
eLicencer is up to date???

I would recommend that you run the license maintenance tasks in eLicenser Control Center. Are you running the trial version, or do you have a permanent (non-time limited) license?