Dorico Lyrics Covered by Notes

Hi. The lyric is covered by the note. Any solution?
Screenshot 2024-06-01 233347

I can fix the problem in Page View. Can I fix it in Gallery View?

You can adjust the vertical spacing in gallery mode. Does this solve it?

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No, that doesn’t change the distance of lyrics from the staff.

There is no way to fix this in galley view. (Note: not gallery view.)

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The whole point of Galley View is that Dorico does not perform vertical spacing. (Because it would have to calculate it for the entire Flow, not just the page.)

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Hi @dragonedison you can increase temporarily (while working in Galley view) the minimum distance of Lyric from staff in Engraving Options/Lyrics, so that the text doesn’t collide with the lower notes (I put it to 4 in my example). And then put it back to the default 1 1/2 when you work on the layout in Page view:

And combine this setting with the mentioned Layout Options/Vertical SpacingIn galley view, expand ideal staff gaps to: xxx%, increasing this value, to increase the visual vertical spacing in Galley view, to something like 200% to avoid other eventual collisions due to the abnormal temporary position of the Lyrics. (Default is 125%):

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Many thanks to everyone’s reply. Because I am using the free version of Dorico, I cannot test the engraving option, but because @Christian_R gave the most detailed solution which is likely to fix the problem, I will pick his answer as the solution.

[OT, sorry!] FWIW, I find this default twice big as what I need (and use, 3/4 is perfect). As basically all other values of this “page”: 1/2 space between verses and as space from other elements is really enough for me. Am I the only one?

[I reply, even if OT :wink: ]Hi @MarcLarcher , yes, indeed, some of the default values in Dorico are set quite generously (thinking of note spacing, or ideal gaps for vertical spacing), and I find myself often narrowing them and others, and Save as Default.

Quoting what Daniel S. often writes (referring to ideal gaps, for example):