Dorico makes mistakes in the MIDI export of pitch-bend tuned notes

When pitch bend is chosen as the playback method for microtonal notation, Dorico plays back the correct notes, and the notes, with the pitch bends attached, are correct in the Key Editor. For example, a notated G with a microtonal accidental, is shown as MIDI note G with a pitchbend value in Dorico’s Key Editor. But when the midi is exported to a DAW, all the MIDI notes are not intact; the G might sometimes be transposed to G#. The pitch bends are correct, though, so if these wrong MIDI notes are manually changed back, the microtuning will be correct. Why does this happen and can this be fixed? (There was an earlier thread about this but I couldn’t find it.) The attached files are: 1) a Dorico project with microtonal notation that plays back correctly using pitch bend and 2) a MIDI file exported from that project, with the second MIDI note incorrectly interpreted as G#3 (68), rather than G3 (67). Obviously it has to do with the fact that the microtonal inflection is slightly larger than a quartertone but shouldn’t the MIDI notes stay in place?
Pitchbend tuning example.dorico (539.1 KB)
HEJI example.mid (179 Bytes)

Are you using the latest update, Dorico 5.0.20? We fixed a problem along these lines back in June, where the underlying MIDI pitch could end up being different during MIDI export than playback, which would mean that the pitch bend message would be relative to the wrong pitch, and hence the resulting pitch when playing the exported MIDI file would be incorrect.

Yes, that’s precisely what I tried to describe above. I am using the latest update.

I’ve spent some time investigating this and have identified the circumstances under which MIDI export can still end up choosing a different MIDI pitch than playback, and this will be fixed in the next update when it arrives.


Great! Thank you!