Dorico Manual

Is there a Dorico manual, other than the help on the website. It seems like everbody here knows stuff, that I can’t fimd there.

Here it is:

I found it easily through the search function in this forum. I believe that’s the way people know stuff

Yes, I found it very tricky to get a clue on certain things. Look at youtube (dorico), there are a few tutorial videos to get clear with the very first steps. I already posted the link to the popover pdf for you, here is another one to an english operation manual (are you german? I figured, me too…):

Anything else, I always look at the forum as well.

I think that’s the same as the help on the website, albeit in a PDF version.

Daniel, if you catch this: Any update on what progress is being made with the manual?

It’s not the same as the document found via the Help menu in Dorico, it’s much more detailed.

One request for the manual. Instead of saying “use respective key command” could you please provide the default key commands for Mac and Windows? If you have to click Key Commands under the Help menu that adds a couple of extra steps. This happened to me yesterday because it had been awhile since I entered a tuplet and completely forgot how to do it.

Thanks for considering!

(Incidentally the Logic Pro manual does the same “respective key command” thing, and it causes the same problem for me.)

Someone has explained the “respective key command” strategy is a result of different language keyboards which must use different key-combinations for some commands. Needless to say, your approach would be much more convenient for users. Perhaps, once program development settles down, specific command references can be built into the PDF or online help in each language , whereas for the present, changes are occurring monthly in the software and it appears that documenting the program is scrambling to keep up.

My apologies, I thought they were identical. There seems to be a 2 page section in the PDF called “Layout and Formatting” under First Steps which isn’t in the online help manual. Is there anything else that’s different?

Of course, it does rather beg the question as to why the manuals aren’t the same…

We expected to be publishing an update to the documentation this week, but unfortunately this hasn’t happened and will now be delayed until the first week in January. Sorry about that.

I hope you and your staff are able to take a hard-earned and much-deserved rest so as to enjoy the holidays before jumping back in in January.

Could you put a publication date on the first page please, so that we can distinguish updates?