Dorico menu display in low definition (Mac m1)

This is not a top notch issue, but I was wondering why there is this display bug on Mac (M1) which makes all menu icons pixelated. Even if it’s not very serious, the reading is not always very easy and I’m a little surprised by this bug, compared to the general quality of the software.

Welcome to the forum, @cybermowgli21. What kind of display do you have connected to your Mac?

I’ve experienced a similar thing. Quitting the app and relaunching it fixes it.

Why it gets into that state, I don’t know.

Thank you for the quick reply.
In fact, after relaunching, it got better. (The display is an external monitor Benq PD2705U. I didn’t experienced this problem with the screen of the laptop, but I’ve just started using Dorico since 1 month…)

Your problem isn’t limited to that particular display, though. I experience the same thing on my Samsung U28E590 connected to my Mac mini M1 w. 16 GB ram.

Very odd – I only use an external display with my MacBook Pro (it’s always shut in clamshell mode – if the Mac Studio had been around when I was ready to buy, I would have bought one of them), and I’ve never experienced this.

I don’t know if the size of the display is significant - the BenQ is 27" 4K; the SamSung is 28" 4K.

I also see this on my Studio display.

I’m also using a 4K display, of course.

I’m all day on an m1 mini, 28” Samsung 4K and I’ve never seen this, fwiw, so it’s not universal.

I just experienced this same exact issue on my Macbook Pro and thought I was having a stroke at first. Quitting and restarting the app fixed it.

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