Dorico messes up the auto layout of a score

I often have the experience, that dorico, since I use it (that was dorico 3 and above) mess up the score in engrave mode althought there is enough space todo it right. I put here one example with Dorico 4.0.20 with defaul settings.
Am I doing something wrong??

Regards, Michael.

Hi Michael, could you perhaps share this project? I wouldn’t expect Dorico to do that automatically so it would be useful to look inside the project file itself to see how that’s happened.

Sure. Here You are.
Youraisemeuptest.dorico (1.1 MB)

Aha, yes – that page has staff spacing overrides.

Resetting the page fixes the overlap.

You may want to look at the available staff spacing options, as comprehensively covered by John in this Discover Dorico session:

Great. Thanks. Didn’t think about that.