Dorico middle C

In the sub-contra/contra/great/small system, middle C is C1 for even more fun😉

Midi on organs is quite common now. Basically any modern instrument has it. In fact, many organs actually run on midi internally and use a data connection to interface with pipes. I’ve wired up a two manual stack and you solder each contact to a special board, and then just daisy chain the midi cables.

I pre-record our anthems with the midi sequencer all the time so I can start playback and then conduct while we sing. Works a charm and no one is the wiser since no one is looking at the loft.


Isn’t it great? All the awesomeness and power of the organ with the freedom to conduct. I used to dobthe same with a midi keyboard when I was a church music director. Although, it should be a rule that some hymns can ONLY be played with organ accompaniment🙃 I would have enjoyed seeing the faces of organ builders when Bach explored what kind of guts they had😉

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