Dorico Midi Export -- General Issues and complaints

I have some issues with how Midi is Exported in Dorico now.

You see, I want to export Midi for some final production in a DAW. However Dorico makes this more cumbersome than it needs to be.

I’ve noticed that:
-Percussion tracks default to Channel 10 (Dorico loses track of which channel I was using)
-Dorico doesn’t export Midi tracks that “remember” which Port I was using

Since I use an external Slave rig for my virtual instruments, theoretically all I would have to do is set up the Midi tracks to the VEP instance and it should all work fine, but since the “ports” don’t export and “channels” are changed to General Midi parameters the Midi Export creates problems that are more laborious than they need to be. At the very least there should be options for “midi export” as there are for “midi import”

I don’t believe it’s possible for the port to be specified in an exported MIDI file, I’m afraid.

Would it at least be possible to preserve the original channel routing?

Not if it goes beyond the first 16 channels, I suspect.