Dorico Mixer Garritan JABB

Hello, I use Garritan JABB. I chose Garritan JABB in playback template. When I want to listen to the whole, no problem, I hear all the voices. But impossible to hear for exemple the saxophones separately with Dorico’s mixer. No sound by selecting them separately with S

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Use a separate ARIA Player VST for each instrument. This is also the easiest way of producing endpoints for saving a Playback Template.

  2. Use the Multi-output VST.

Make sure you’re using the “ARIA Player (Multi)” VST.


Next, make sure you assign each instrument to a different output.


Click on the “1 / 2” bit. (Note that I’m not using the multi-output VST, which is why they are all grey.)

So slot 2 needs to 3/4; slot 3 needs to be 5/6, etc, etc.

Then you will have each instrument as a separate track in Dorico’s mixer.

If the existing JABB Playback template is not configured to do either of these things, then you’ll have to create a new template.

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Thank you for your answer.
I have a Tp on slot 1 output 1/2
Alto sax1 on slot 3 output 3/4
Alto sax2 on slot 4 output 5/6
Tenor sax1 on slot 6 output 7/8
Tenor sax2 on slot 7 output 9/10
Tp and alto sax work with the mixer but not tenor sax.

Everything is working fine now. I hadn’t understood that slot1 corresponds to 1/2 slot2 to 3/4 etc… I put the tenors sax on slot 6 - 11/12 and slot 7 on 13/14 and everything is fine. Thanks again