Dorico Mixer Misbehaving in Dorico 4 on Playback

Having trouble with the Mixer Solo & Mute buttons not working as expected. My expectation is that pressing the Mute button would mute that instrument while the other instruments would sound and pressing the Solo button(s) would solo particular instrument(s) but that’s not what happening. I’m running VEPRo on MacOS Monterey with VEPro.

Example 1: Using the BBCSO Pro template for VEPRO Template (unaltered) and entered notes for Piccolo 1 & Piccolo 2. Mute and Solo on the Mixer did not behave as expected. It behaved exactly as in Example 2 for Violins 1 & Violins 2.

Example 2. Different setup here with just 2 VIolins. VEPro has one tab with two SINE Player instruments, with both Violins 1 & VIolins 2 on Port 1 and channels 1 & 2 respectively. Outputs in VEPRO were set to 1,2) It looks like this and works as expected (no mixer buttons pressed.

both violins still sound

Violins 1 Muted - no sound

Violins 2. Solo - No sound

Violins 2 Muted - Both sound

As I’m getting the same mixer behavior in both these examples, I can’t see what I’m doing wrong.

And now for what DOES WORK. Same setup as above, but change Violins 2 VEPRO Output to 3,4. (VIolins 1 remain at Out 1,2)

I must be dong something wrong, but what?

It appears that you have your VEP sending its entire output to Violin 1 rather than your having configured VEP to send it outputs to separate channels.

If VEP routes everything through the Master Channel that would certainly be the case.

The Master channel being channel one? Hmmmm…I’m not sure how this works. Does this mean I shouldn’t be using Output 1,2 on any of my VEPro tabs? This is what’s confusing to me as every VEPRO setup I’ve ever seen uses VEPpro Ouput 1,2.

The faders you see in Dorico’s Mixer are the audio outputs presented by the VST plug-in. This recent thread will help you configure VE Pro so that you get separate outputs that will appear as individual faders in Dorico’s Mixer:

The problem I’m trying to address is the misbehavior of the Solo and Mute buttons in the Dorico Mixer. When these buttons are NOT, used all tracks play as expected in Dorico. I do not have any “1 Master” outputs being used in any of my VEPro Templates. Here is the setup for the two Violin example (above)

These same VEPro templates work fine in Cubase and the Solo & Mute buttons in the Cubase Mixer work as expected. I should have included this screen shot to begin with

You answered your own question at the end of your original post, and the other posts have reinforced the fact that you need to set separate outputs in VEPro for the mute and solo functions to work as you wish in Dorico. It’s as simple as that.

Yes sir, your violins are both going to the out1/out2 stereo pair, so mute would mute both and solo would make no difference since you would be soloing both.

The routing possibilities in VEP are the major reason I use it, but also tends to look like the backside of my patch bay. At least I don’t have to spray “deoxit” on wonky connectors.

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It’s right there in front of you.

Great! I think I’m finally getting a handle on this. So to have the Solo & Mute buttons working, that means only one VEPro port with up to 16 thannels per TAB on VEPro. And Yes I can have more than one VEPro port, but the channels must be sharing Outputs. So this medium sized VEPro template seems to work in Dorico