Dorico Mixer: Not All Players Showing

I have set up an initial Dorico Project in which all instruments I have so far included are VSL supported in VE Pro. This includes standard Woodwind, Brass, and String solo instruments and ensembles. I have entered a test Score walking through each instrument family consecutively, Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, etc., etc. All works fine in terms of getting playback in VE Pro for the correct instruments.

For some reason some instruments aren’t showing in the Dorico Mixer, all Low Brass, all Orchestral Strings, and all Appassionata Strings. The rest all show just fine. All were set up the same way. Scratching my head why.

I suspect it will be impossible to provide much insight without seeing the project.

I will keep trying to figure this out on my own in hopes that Dorico staff don’t have to bother with it. Thanks, Daniel.