Dorico mixer with NotePerformer sounds

Especially now that Dorico users can use many third-party sound libraries with NotePerformer 4 and an NPPE, it would be wonderfully useful if the Dorico mixer could independently access all instrument sounds in a project, including those from NP. I’m suspecting the basic structure of Dorico makes this impossible but would love to learn I am wrong and this might one day be possible.

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I think it’s the basic structure of Noteperformer that makes this impossible.

If you used a separate Noteperformer VST for each instrument, then you could use the Dorico mixer. I think someone has created a template for ‘individual NPs’.


Yes I believe that is correct. Just like you can have a Kontakt multi-instrument, by default it would all come out of whichever mixer channel it’s initially loaded on, unless you enable multi-out within Kontakt which will then route across Dorico’s mixer automatically. So I think it would be on NP to add a multi-out toggle switch in the plugin for this functionality. I believe that NP is designed to be more contained and pre-balanced which might be the reason such a feature hasn’t been added, but I think it might be nice if it could be added, thus taking advantage of the mixer more fully (including EQ/insert effects if desired).

Not impossible, it would just add a ton of overhead. You’d essentially have to run a separate instance of the plugin for each instrument.

I don’t think a multi-out solution would be viable because the reverb (at least) is global across all the channels. (Now, I think NP sounds way better with the built-in reverb turned off and a nice IR, but that’s a separate matter.)

NPPE has a certain ability to assign instruments to individual output channels that can feed into the Dorico Mixer.

Does this approach add a lot of overhead?