Dorico: multiple Time Signatures

Hi, I’m afraid I’m not so good with tuplets. How would I achieve the same barlines with 9/8 and 6/8?
Also, since the forum has been revamped, I can’t access my old account, Kerz, and I can’t figure out why.

Hi agkersley/Kerz, welcome to the forum!

For simultaneous 9/8 and 6/8 time signatures with shared barlines, here’s one way:

  • Give “everyone” the 9/8 time signature (by inputting it normally) then give the 6/8 player an independent time signature (by pressing Alt-Return when using the popover, or Alt-clicking in the panel).
  • Re-input a normal barline at the start of bar 2 (for the 9/8)
  • Delete the barline on the 6/8 staff that’s in the middle of the first 9/8 bar
  • On the 6/8 staff, input tuplets with the ratio 6:9e (six eighth notes in the span of 9 eighth notes)
  • Input notes as required, with some manual beaming adjustments probably required
  • Hide tuplets as desired (not hidden in this picture, to help demonstrate)

For reclaiming your previous forum account, @Ben_at_Steinberg might be able to help.

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Brilliant, thank you so much!:grin:
Love the forum because it’s such a supportive place here, unlike *cough cough * Avid.
The customer support was a major part of why I switched from Sibelius to Dorico lol.

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I’ve PM’d you about merging your forum accounts.

Help! I’ve tried following through this thread for the last 45 minutes, in particular working through both Claude and Lillie’s examples, but I still cannot seem to get what I need and all the ¾ bars aligning with the 9/8 bars. Essentially here, I need the whole orchestra in 9/8, and the three vocal parts only (which for the time being are deliberately the last 3 staves of the score) in 3/4. I need all the 3/4 to align with the 9/8 bars and their bar numbers. I’ve tried a number of scenarios but still can’t get this correct.

Interestingly, in a forthcoming cue, I have the same scenario coming up, but this time the Orchestra will be in 4/4 with the vocal parts in 12/8.

Screen shot enclosed.

Thanks //Tim

Hi Tim, in Dorico a quarter note equals a quarter note across all staves, so the 9/8 and 3/4 aren’t lining up automatically because the 9/8 has 9 eighth notes but the 3/4 has 6 eighth notes per bar.

In your example, just like mine further up the thread, select the first barline in 9/8 time signature and reinput the barline (press Shift-B, enter | (the pipe character), press Return). You might have another barline in the middle of the first 3/4 bars - select them, delete them. Now essentially from bar 2, all staves are in 9/8, but some have a 3/4 appearing at the start. You can then use tuplets (duplets) to make it look like the 3/4 bars have 6 eighths rather than 9. You also might have to do some manual rebeaming, especially in the first 3/4 bar.

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Many thanks Lille for your prompt reply. Success, and everything worked absolutely fine and I completed all the note input for this cue this morning.

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Is this workaround still necessary in v.4 or has it now been fixed/made easier to have multiple time signatures running simultaneously in different parts.

You can have multiple time signatures, but as far as I know a crotchet still equals a crotchet – Dorico doesn’t yet automatically handle 2/4 matching 6/8 without hidden tuplets etc.

Ok thanks for your swift answer, Lillie.