Dorico New Computer

Dear all,

Rather dry topic today… I bought a new computer and can’t get Dorico 3.5 installed…

I don’t understand how this whole e-licenser business works but when I go on MySteinberg it tells me that there are no products registered on my e-licenser…

As you see I’m completely lost… :confused:

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If you still have your existing computer, first click the ‘Register Software’ button in MySteinberg and enter the eLicenser number from your existing computer so that your existing eLicenser is linked to your MySteinberg account. Then you should be able to use the reactivation workflow to get a new activation code for your new computer.

Thank you very much for your response. It solved the license issue. However I downloaded - or think I did - the sounds, version history, app installer and update to 3.5.1 with the the download assistant but when I open Dorico it tells me that I haven’t installed the sounds. Is it normal that when I open the download assistant and click on Dorico Pro 3.5 the buttons say “download”. I have the feeling I can download as many times as I want and the buttons will never say “open” or “downloaded”.

After you’ve downloaded the installers, you need to actually run them, so navigate to the folders where the files were downloaded, and make sure you have run the sounds installer.

Seems fair… :slight_smile: It now works! Thank you for your patience!