Dorico newbie. What I would like to see in upcoming version.

Hello Everybody!

I’m new to edit: dorico and I ike it a lot! Nevertheless I would like to see some features:

  1. graphic elements like arrows, lines, boxes and circles
  2. export graphics from a selected area, not only a complete page
  3. characters or fonts for music theory purposes, e. g. figured bass, basso continuo, scale theory, functional harmonic analysis[/list]

Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying Dorico so far, and I hope you will continue to enjoy how it develops in the future.


For those who think Dorico is a bit dodgy - Dogico!

Hello Daniel,

thanks for Your reply! I’ve had experienced a lot of other music notation software (Score (?) from Steinberg - way back in the past, Score MS-DOS, ScorePerfectProfessional, Notator Logic, Finale, Guitar Pro, PriMus, Sibelius).
In my opinion Dorico combines the best of all applications. Every feature it has to offer is way better thought out and goes far beyond as in the software of the competitors. Also, it’s a fun to use! The only point of criticism is the lack of some features, but I’m sure, we will see them implemented in future versions so I’m looking forward to the development of dorico in the future!

Best regards

:slight_smile: Oh, I’m sorry. The spellchecker…