Dorico newsletter

I have tried repeatedly to sign up for the Dorico newsletter. I get as far as the page that says “You’re nearly done” under which is the phrase “An error occurred.” And that’s it. I can go no further.
What’s the secret of signing up?

Sorry you’ve had problems signing up. Apparently this can happen if you have somehow ended up with multiple MySteinberg accounts registered to the same email address, which ought not to be possible but apparently sometimes is, presumably because of a bug of some kind.

Could you please drop me an email or private message with the email address you’re trying to use to sign up, and I’ll ask our IT people to take a look for you?

Daniel, you are the best!
I have emailed you with the address.
Thanks so much!

Daniel, Did you ever receive my email with the address you asked for?

FWIW I had a similar (not quite identical) problem signing up. I sent Daniel a PM and got an acknowledgement back on Monday (20th).

But no fix yet.

I got a “no-reply” email from Steinberg telling me about Daniel’s response by PM, so some parts of “the system” must be working.

Paul and Rob, I am waiting for assistance from our IT people on this issue. I’m sorry there’s been no movement yet but I will give them another nudge tomorrow.

Please add me to your list of people having trouble signing up for the Dorico newsletter. I get the same error message with a request to contact “support”, but the system rejects any attempt to contact “support”.

Please drop me an email or a PM with the email address you have used to try to sign up to the newsletter, and I’ll follow up with our support people. Sorry for the inconvenience!