Dorico - no license found licenser problem

Even though I have done the maintenance for my elicenser several times, and it says it was successful every time, I still can not open Dorico and I get the message saying that ‘no license was found’. It tells me to enter an activation code, and I tried entering my original code, but of course that doesn’t do it, as they only work once.
What do I do?
Thanks, Anne Mette

Is your Activation Code long enough to fit into the eLicenser?
My mistake was that the first code I received (too short) had to be fed into the Steinberg Download Assistant which would then generate the proper Activation Code.

If that info helps, it’s yours.

Thanks, yeah it is long enough, and also it has been working fine for half a year. But thanks anyways:)

Strange - out of the blue it works again today!