Dorico no longer activated after SAM update

After updating the Steinberg Licence Manager, Dorico 4 is no longer activated on my notebook. According to the Activation Manager, the maximum number of activations is reached, although I activated Dorico on only two computers. The self service webpage shows three activations where one ID is listed twice. Also one of these must be invalid now since none is assigned to my notebook any longer. Unfortunately, I can’t access my other computer at the moment in order to release the activation there. Thus, I’m stuck and can’t open my scores that need to be finished by Monday.
I already submitted a support ticket but got an auto reply saying that it can take some work days to process the request. Hopefully, this can be resolved earlier.

Would you be able to zip up your SAM directory and post it here? The files can be found in either %appdata%\Steinberg\Activation Manager (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager (Mac).

Hi Richard,
yes sure, thanks for your reply. Here’s the content of the folder: (42.4 KB)

Thanks. That’s very curious - I can’t immediately work out what might be going on there, I’m afraid I’ll have to raise this with the developers.

If you have work that needs to be done urgently, it may be that your best bet is to request a Dorico 4 trial licence for now - I’m not sure, but I think that may be possible even though you already have a full licence. Free 30-day trial versions of Dorico Pro 4 and Dorico Elements 4 now available

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I’ve requested a trial license and it works so that I can edit the files again for now. Thank you for the hint.
I hope the issue can be sorted soon as it’s quite troubling when software you rely on is unexpectedly deactivated.

Hi @Martin90,

Sorry for the inconvenience. To get you up and running again, I’ve released the leases on your account which means you should be able to active on your laptop now. Let me know if you encounter any more problems.

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Hi Ben,
great, thanks for the prompt support at this late hour. I really appreciate it. I was able to activate the license again.