Dorico not allowing me to add more than 2 players

I write for orchestras and so I need a lot of players. When I began adding them in Dorico (I am using Dorico se 4) the players side panel would not allow me to add more the 2 players. When I tried to add more, the add single player, add section player, and add Ensemble options were greyed out. I tried just adding an Ensemble, but for some reason, Dorico would not let me. I need to figure out how to add more than 2 solo players/section players.

Dorico SE is limited to two Players (not necessarily two instruments, but two Players). If one is scoring for orchestra, Dorico Pro is necessary and well worth the investment.

Dorico Elements is also now capable of writing for ensembles of up to 24 players, which is good enough for medium-sized orchestras, and it’s a lot more inexpensive than Dorico Pro. @connorkawamoto, you’ll get the best price to upgrade from Dorico SE to Dorico Elements by clicking the red Upgrade button in the Hub window.

thank you