Dorico not condensing properly

Hello, Dorico will not condense consistently across my score. Some pages have condensation, others will not. This appears to be happening only to the Flutes, and not the Clarinets. Please advise.

Hi @iforgottosave it seems that the flutes have many pitch crossing. Try to set this option in menu Library → Notation Options/Condensing for the desired flow:

Also in bar 17 you seems to have 2 p (piano) one over the other in flute2…(not sure if this also can cause problems in condensing…)

I have done this, and for the other three movements in the score it works fine, but in the second movement it still shows the Flutes I + II as separate. The Clarinets condense normally throughout the entire piece.

As always with condensing it’s best to share a (cut down) file that shows the problem.

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Here’s a link to the file.

If you select the key signatures of Flute I and press delete, they will condense.
It seems that although they appeared to have the same key signature, Flute I indeed had a local key signature. Was this an XML-Import?

What’s also interesting though for the developers is, that even when I tried to force a manual condensing change, the staves would just remain empty, which I think should never happen?

Also, as a side note, it’s highly unusual for the second instrument to play so consistently higher than the first. If you look at the original, you’ll also find it’s not the case. So I would recommend you, although you might have your reasons, to either transpose the first flute up and octave or switch the instruments.
If none of this fits you, at least you could try to make it more legible with a manual condensing change which will result in the Flute II to be the top voice of the condensed staff.

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Thank you, that key signature was the problem.

Also thanks for pointing out the 2nd instrument. I realized I had forgotten to transpose the 1st Flute up an octave.