Dorico not displaying stave with music on it

I wonder whether anyone has struck this problem. I have a Dorico file (using version 3.5.12 on Mac OS Catalina) for large orchestra with an oboe part doubling cor anglais. I have activated the standard hide empty staves and am using the condense feature (there are 4 oboes with the fourth as the doubling instrument - i.e. oboe 4 holding cor anglais). While everything is working as expected for most of the part, there are two similar systems where the stave with music for the cor is not displaying. This problem is not occurring where the instrument changes from oboe to cor, but on the next system where I would expect a stave labelled cor anglais to continue with music on it. This stave is simply not appearing (as if there is no music on it in this system). The music on this stave plays back (it appears in galley view of course). I have tried to force the stave to appear using a manual staff visibility change at the beginning of the required system, which does nothing for the system in question, rather forcing the stave to appear on the next system. Evoking this command on the preceding system also does nothing, again forcing the stave to appear on the system after the one desired. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Did you double check that you didn’t switch back to writing in the ob4 part? It happened to me once, spent hours to figure out the stupid mistake… Galley view with a large score can get pretty messy

Another point I want to stress on is that up to now, condensing only works for the first instrument a player holds. If the English horn is held by the 4th oboe player, some discrepancies might appear. Maybe assigning the English horn to a “fake” 5th player (making sure that 4th and 5th share the same layout) might solve the problem?

Thanks for the suggestion, however, the music is entered in the correct stave.

Thanks for this suggestion, however I fiddled around with system breaks and got the part to display.

Indeed, manual staff changes get recorded with system breaks