Dorico not launching, Windows 11

Hello all,

My apologies if this topic has already been addressed and solved.

I have been using Dorico (latest version) for over a year at this point and have absolutely loved the application. However, my computer updated to Windows 11 last week and now the Dorico process crashes a few seconds after launch. Click the thumbnail, blue spinning circle for a moment and then nothing more.

I spent the last night reinstalling the application, downgrading and reinstalling the eliscenser control center and performing all sorts of admin acrobatics and somehow managed to get Dorico to launch. But today it is back to crashing.

I am attaching Appdata (let me know if this is not the needed information; I am no great expert on computers).

Can anyone identify the problem?

Dorico (252.0 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @dtiller. I’m sorry you’re having problems getting Dorico running after upgrading to Windows 11. It looks to me like Dorico is failing to initialise the eLicenser. I hope that the solution will end up being as simple as finding the eLicenser Control Center executable on your computer, right-clicking its icon, and choosing Run as Administrator. When asked if you’re sure you want to proceed, confirm; then let eLCC perform its default maintenance task, and hopefully that will take care of the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

Thank you very much for the reply.

Unfortunately after running maintenance tasks (even keeping the program running), there is no change in Dorico’s behavior.

Do you use the USB-eLicenser, or the Soft-eLicenser?


I’ll send you a time-limited activation code you could try entering into eLCC for your Soft-eLicenser – disconnect your USB-eLicenser before you enter it.

In case anyone ever encounters something like this in the future, I believe it is resolved.

I can’t prove this for sure, but it seems to be that the inability to launch had nothing to do with Windows 11 or the eliscenser software, but rather that I had moved (from another computer connected to this one with onedrive) the Dorico Projects folder into a larger DAW folder to include finale projects too. Once that folder is back by itself in Documents, Dorico seems to be launching consistently now… Perhaps this is a “duh” fact. I’m happy for others to learn from my own foolishness.