Dorico not letting me put repeat signs here

I’m working on a score that’s pretty unconventional, but in any case, I’m trying to put a repeat sign at the end of the first system, and Dorico simply won’t let me do it.

Then on the third system if I try to put the repeat sign it deletes the beginning repeat sign on the fourth system.

This may have something to do with the hidden codas I have (which I needed in order to hide the curtesy time signature changes). Anyone have a solution?

Since I’m here, I’ll ask this one too. I want the extra staff on the second system to look like all the others, but because it’s hanging off the bottom of the first staff in the system, it’s including the g clef and the brackets, etc. Is there a way to tell Dorico not to put that there?

Repeat sign, do you mean an end.start repeat barline?

Does Galley view help so it inputs correctly?

At bar 9 and bar 17 you need the :||: barline type.

If that doesn’t work, it may be due to the independent meter on the extra staff. We can diagnose much better if you post a project.

yeah :||: doesn’t work either. I’m finishing up some things with the project for the next few hours, but I can share privately then. It’s a new composition, so I don’t feel ready to post it publicly.

Good idea. There is definitely some weirdness going on in gallery view. Some of these added staves are still showing barlines even past the point where I’ve gotten rid of them. I’ll keep taking a look at this once I get all the meat of the piece done.

Ok, here is a Dorico file. It’s just the first page. I ended up doing what I needed in illustrator. This is the output that I’m hoping to get from Dorico:
Bangidza Merged 2.pdf (1.1 MB)

And here’s my project file:
4_20_23_excerpt for dorico forum.dorico (694.2 KB)

As I suspected: When I select one of the two barlines from which you want to repeat back, and Alt-click on the double-repeat button in the repeats panel, I get the repeat signs in both directions. With the independent meters, you have to go independent with the repeats too.

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Thank you.


You could achieve this, (I think) by using separate flows. Here are the first 2 systems showing the result.

01 - Full score - Bangidza.pdf (22.6 KB)

bangizda.dorico (755.6 KB)

Thanks for the idea. If you look closely at my pdf of the second system you see the extra staff is also connected like in the first stave.