Dorico not playing any sound

Hello all, I just downloaded dorico and the HALLION are downloading, but no sound plays back at all.
Not sure what to do

This is on a MacBook Pro


  1. There are many threads on the forum about how to troubleshoot sound/playback problems.
  2. Post your diagnostics here and someone from the Dorico team should be able to assist (go to Help>Create Diagnostics Report and upload the file here).

As Janus said, please load a project where you would expect sound and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

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Dorico (497.2 KB)

Hi Ulf
I am having the same problem. No sound when playing anything or even when inputing notes.

When I go to VST and Midi and open ‘show instrument’ there are no instruments in the slots on the left’. When I play notes on the keyboard, there is no sound created.

However, I managed to get the sound going briefly in play by changing the sample rate to 48000hz (I cannot change it on my computer settings to anything so I had to change it in Dorico to line it up). The sound worked but when I opened a new project, it has gone silent again and no matter how I change it, I can’t get sound again. What’s weird is that although Dorico did not begin with 48000hz sample rate and I had to change it, I now cannot change it to anything other than 48000hz. It’s now the only option I’m given.

Please find attached a diagnostics report. I do hope you can help me.

Thank you

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Hi @J_theBox , welcome to the forum.

So if I understand you correctly, then your problem is that the sounds in HALion Sonic do not get loaded, right?

Have you already tried that what this page says?

Thank you so much! That tool did the trick. The instruments just weren’t loading in HALion.

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