Dorico not responding despite processes being seemingly not overloaded

So this is kind of a weird one but it’s driving me kind of crazy so any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to copy over some select portions of music from an xml file to a new dorico score. Everytime I have the two documents open simultaneously, however, dorico stops responding within minutes. I usually leave it for about a full minute or two before force quitting. Surprisingly, though, neither my ram nor cpu nor anything else in task manager even breaks a sweat the whole time. It seems like it must be a problem with dorico? Here’s the diagnostics file.
Dorico (734.9 KB)

Have a look in the Task Manager for a background process called VSTAudioEngine. What is the status of that one when Dorico seems to be stuck.
Also, when you force quit Dorico, you need to force quit that VSTAudioEngine process as well.

I read about that in some other questions. The VSTAudioEngine process seems to be under the Dorico dropdown in task manager. I can’t find any other one (therefore I closed it with Dorico each time). What is interesting is that task manager doesn’t say (not responding) as it usually does. The not responding message is only present in Dorico.

May I ask you to download the free utility Process Explorer from here?
That one is more reliable than Task Manager.
Please start and have a look pretty much at the end of the process list.
If Dorico does not respond, do a right click on it and choose Create dump > Create mini dump. The same then please do for the VSTAudioEngine process.
And even best if you do this two times in a row. The corresponding dump files please zip up and post here, but I might not have the opportunity until tomorrow to take a look at them in my debugging tools.

If the problem is that it’s taking a while to unload the playback sounds from one project and then re-load them in the other, you might find it helpful to deactivate either or both of the projects; Dorico then doesn’t need to do anything playback-wise when switching between those projects. This is usually a good way to work when you’re copying and pasting between two projects.