Dorico not responding

It all started when I selected several notes with the command key to change accidentals from flats to naturals, Dorico froze and stopped responding. When I Force Quit and attempted to restart Dorico, the restart stuck at " Audio Engine:Waiting for Connection".

I restarted my computer all was well until I again selected several notes to change accidentals and the same thing happened. I restarted my computer. Although I then successfully brought up the file, on the very first action, turning off the signposts, Dorico stopped responding. Again, Dorico stuck at “Audio Engine:Waiting for Connection” after a Force Quit.

Incidentally, every time I brought up Dorico today an announcement that I have two more days of my 30-day trial appeared asking for a confirmation to continue, which I agreed to every time. However, my trial seems to have ended prematurely or I have hit some kind of a bug.

John, are you running Windows? If so, quit Dorico, open Task Manager and end the process “VST Audio Engine.”

I’m sure the team would be helped by seeing your crash logs, if you’re able to post them.


And if you’re on a Mac, analogously, kill the VST Audio Engine separately before trying to restart Dorico.

Thanks for your help, dankreider and MarkSealey.

I am on a Mac. OS 10.12. The Task Manager showed Dorico not responding and then I quit the VST Audio Engine, which was in operation. I restarted Dorico, it came up normally after the same announcement about the 30-day free trial, and again it stopped responding after the first action, which was to move the lower scroll bar in my file. I will try the same thing again and restart my computer to see what happens.

There are no crash reports for Dorico for today in Library>Logs>DIagonosticReports.

On Windows I created a mini-dump file and sent it to Paul. Not sure if Mac works the same…


In earlier versions of Dorico, sometimes it’s been necessary completely to kill all traces of both Dorico and the Audio Engine (in that order) because Dorico has sometimes ‘thought’ that it could make use of a crippled process.

(That’s the fully technical description without ant anthropomorphic language.)

It was also sometimes necessary to achieve this by… a restart - even on a Mac!

I completely shut down my computer (not a restart), and restarted, Dorico started normally and I brought up my file and was able scroll through a couple of pages, did a Save and the program again became unresponsive (endlessly spinning beachball). So I again Force Quit Dorico, killed the VST Audio Engine in the Activity Monitor.

Then I thought, hey, maybe its just my file! So I opened a new file input a key signature, etc. added a few notes and became hopeful when everything seemed fine. Then I though I should open another older completed Dorico File. Clicked on the old file to open it and Dorico became unresponsive again.

Other programs on my computer seem to be working OK, so I don’t think that my computer is malfunctioning.

So I guess I am out of business for time being. And just when it was getting interesting!

John, you need to create a diagnostic, here:

I’m sure the team will be able to help you quickly when the work week starts!

Thanks, dankreider. I’ll need them to explain how to do that on a Mac.

An earlier explanation from Daniel:

…select the process in Activity Monitor and choosing the ‘Spindump’ option from the cog menu at the top of the window. If you then subsequently quit and restart Dorico, please send us the diagnostic reports generated by choosing Help > Create Diagnostic Report – this will be a zip file on your desktop.

I did the spindump and diagonstic. Where do I send them?

Start with to Daniel; he will be able to direct your attachments to the right person/department, if that is not Daniel himself.

I was not able to attach the two files to a private message to Daniel on this site: “Wrong extension”. Is there an email address?

D dot Spreadbury at Steinberg dot de

Do remember to link back to this thread from within the email - he gets a lot of messages!

Thanks, pianoleo. It has been done.