Dorico Not Saving Projects URGENT

I recently updated to Dorico 5, and got a new Mac Studio M2 Max. I have been hours trying to figure out with Dropbox and InSync why the files are not saving. Then I moved it to my Mac sys drive, and it is doing the same thing. It didn’t occur to me that it could be a Dorico problem. At first it worked fine, then it was intermittent - now I can’t get it to save at all, no matter which way I try, the pulldown, the shortcut, the quit and save.

You might consider redownloading Dorico. That seems to solve odd problems that others have had.

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Thank you for commenting James! I did “reinstall” and it is exhibiting the same behavior.

@doodle how exactly is your setup with Dropbox and InSync? These automatically syncing apps can sometimes cause weird problems, if for some reason in their combination they do contradicting things.
We have never discussed it here, but, If you temporarily set up a new user on your computer and run Dorico from there (if it is possible), and saving is possible, then you could narrow down the problem.
You could try the Guest user first, but there your “Saves” will be temporarily anyway.

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Hi KB, thanks so much for coming onboard here. Once again, this is not happening because of Dropbox. It is happening on new project files, created on projects saved on to my Mac Studio internal drive, after reinstall. I have never set up a guest user on my Mac, though I think Apple support has done it, years ago. I think I’d better not try that - and you are saying it is temporary anyway.

John on the FB Dorico site suggested saving under a new name, and that seems to have helped, and may be a workaround for the moment…

I gather that you and some others are hinting, not just that Dorico does not work well on any cloud service, but that it somehow corrupts Dorico? But I redownloaded it - how could it have messed it up? And on new projects, altogether?

A bit more info - John on the FB Dorico page suggested seeing if VST Audio was quitting with Dorico - it is. I will copy my reports to him from FB:

when you say you’re saving on the internal drive, I presume you mean in the Dropbox or similar location? What happens if you save to somewhere that’s not cloud syncing?
When you close Dorico is the VST audio engine process still running in the activity monitor?
Does the changed file save if you use save as and give it a different file name?

Hi John thanks for sticking with this - not on DropBox or any cloud service, nothing cloud synching - it is saved on the internal drive of the Mac Studio Max M2. I will try those two things in a few hours, thanks for the suggestion!

Me, later:
I have to doublclick Dorico 2x in the deck to get it to open. It works 3x with “save as.” Got the opoup again “can’t connect to audio engine.” and it won’t open at all. Program quit itself. Did tit again with as you suggested, a new name, and it is opening. something seriously wrong in there. Upon quitting, VST Audio Process is quitting, too. The VST Audio process seems to be quitting every time with the program. Don’t know if it was doing that before. At least your idea of saving with a new name every single time may enable me to keep working over the weekend.

I am a big fan of Dorciop. But I had to stop working in it altogether because because of unsolvable, continual crashes of Dorico 4 in my old computer. Now this. It’s exhausting.

What is the file path you’re saving to, and what is the filename?

Have you changed the location of the Backup folder in Dorico’s preferences?

Can you upload a Diagnostic Report (from the Help menu), after trying to save?

The good news is that this is far from the usual experience, so it must be something specific to your setup – which means it can be solved! But we need to find out what the ‘unusual’ factor is on your system.

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Oh, bless you, benwiggy! Thanks for these questions. I did not change any file paths, did not change backup file path. Files simply on desktop, and also in Users, Shared, Dorico Folder, where Dorico puts them. File name all sorts, such as, Test 1.dorico.

I made a diag report, and will attach it here:
Dorico (640.3 KB)

thank you, I am so frustrated, I have had a host of problems continually with D4 and now 5. I am an unsavvy user though, and maybe I messed something up somewhere. I didn’t expect the use of Dropbox or any cloud service to screw up in this way, if that is indeed what has happened . I thought if it crashed, I simply wouldn’t use it anymore (on this new Mac and with D5). The fact that there are several problems, that some occurred before I even had Dropbox installed, and that the save problem is occurring as it is, seems to point to a different cause.

But now there are some hints that somehow it corrupts the whole program. But as you will see above I reinstalled, etc. Understand that now the files are not on Dropbox or any cloud, they are new projects on my internal drive. I am very grateful for your help benwiggy!

Hi @doodle , thanks for the diagnostics.
You speak of lots of crashes, but the diagnostics don’t show any crash files.
Also, the audio engine is always running properly, i.e. gets invoked by Dorico and cleanly shuts down when told by Dorico (when quitting Dorico). So from my perspective (the audio engine) evertything appears to be fine. @dspreadbury might have an idea???

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Hi Ulf, thank you for your help! The crashes were in D4, in an old computer, I now have 5. Perhaps that is why they aren’t listed? The problem is saving. Did you see where I said that every few times I am opening Dorico, I get the popup that says it won’t connect to audio engine and crashes? I look in the program and everything seems right, I see my interface. then I try it again and it works. Also I frequently need to click several times to open Dorico. It just worked ok 5 times on this file, and the 6th it didn’t save alterations - here is another diagnostics:
Dorico (673.4 KB)

Try change the audio device (Edit > Device Setup) to the built-in speakers, instead of the Scarlett audio box.

Hi @doodle , sorry, but both diagnostics you’ve posted are from Dorico 5.1.10 and they don’t contain any crash files. So I somehow don’t understand what you are doing there or what is happening. Would it be possible that you make a showcase and e.g. take a video with a smartphone when Dorico is running and showing error messages. Additionally tell us roughly your local time of recording that video and please also send a new diagnostics report.
Thank you very much.

Oh Ulf, i am sorry I am so unclear! The problem is not crashes. It is that Dorico will not save alterations to projects. I am working on a Dorico project; I change a note from A to B; I save it; I quit; I open the project; and the note is back to A. I have been using Dorico for several years, it is not a simple boo boo on my part about how to save. I am teaching throughout the day today, but I will make such a video and send to you! thanks so much for your help and continued patience with this!

Are you opening the project from Dorico’s hub, or doubling-clicking on a file in the Finder? If the latter, are you sure that it’s the correct file?

What’s the Modification date on the file?

One thing you could try:

  1. Quit Dorico.
  2. Go to YourUser/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/

(You may need to hold down Option and click on the Go menu in the Finder to get to the user Library.)

  1. Rename the “Dorico 5” folder to “Dorico 5 old”.

Now restart Dorico. The app will then launch “as if brand new”, with no settings or preferences that might be set wrongly.

If that doesn’t change anything, then you can delete the new Dorico 5 folder and restore the “old” one. (when Dorico is quit.)

I’ve had a close look at the application.log files contained within the diagnostic report you’ve posted, David, and everything in there really does look OK. I can see that you’re opening a project called new night test.dorico, making a trivial change to it (e.g. adding a slur or similar), then saving it, quitting Dorico, then repeating the process. Everything looks to be working absolutely fine: the project is being saved to the expected location (/Users/davidwhetstone/Documents/Dorico Projects, i.e. the default location for saving Dorico projects on your computer, inside your user’s Documents folder), and you’re opening it from there as well. There are no errors concerning the project itself to be found in any of the logs.

Where in the world are you located, David? Perhaps we should arrange a time to get together in a screen sharing session, if we can find a time that we’re both awake and at our computers.

Oh Daniel, bless you. I am in such a state - when I saw your last sentence, “Where in the world are you located?” at first I thought the meaning was, “What in the world are you doing over there?” No doubt there will be some humiliating user error that I have committed.

I see you are in Hamburg, my sister lived in Hamburg for decades and I was able to visit. Lovely place!

I am available all day Hamburg time today and tomorrow, if we pre-arrange the time. I am not available at all Tuesday. Sooner the better for me of course! How about 3pm Hamburg time?

Best wishes,


Hi Ulf,

Thank you for offering to look at this further. Daniel has offered to do a screen share, so hopefully, we will find out what is going on with this soon!

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IIRC Daniel is based in London (although he does travel).

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Hey Derek, thanks for this info! Yes I thought so, but then I noticed Hamburg written at the bottom of his email. Thanks for letting me know!

Hi Daniel, Derek has let me know that you are actually in London - I am available just the same for your most convenient time. And please enjoy your Sunday! It is ok if we meet tomorrow (Monday).