Dorico not scrolling to end of project

I can’t access most of the last flow of my dorico project in page view, as it gets stuck and refuses to go any further. When I use the go function to take me to that flow it takes me instead to the previous flow. When I play the flow it plays the inaccessible pages but doesn’t scroll across. The scrolling bar at the bottom also appears to have nowhere further to go.

It’s a big project with 27 flows and 13 players. I’ve tried restarting my computer. Any advice?!

Update, when I scroll out and scroll in again it fixes it but if I have it a particular level of zoomed in it snaps back.

When this kind of problem occurs, it’s normally due to a very specific combination of display size/resolution, window geometry for the project window itself, and the chosen zoom level. Try changing the zoom level by a tiny amount, e.g. set your desired zoom level, then type Alt+Z to open the Custom Zoom dialog, and increase or decrease the zoom level by a single percentage point. Does the project now scroll to the end as expected?

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Yes, thanks Daniel!

I JUUUST had this problem this morning, thanks for the solution.
it’s strange behaviour, I hadn’t come across it since installing Dorico over a year ago.
I spend a LOT of time using my scroll wheel to zoom in and out while working, so I’m actually surprised this issue hasn’t cropped up for me before!
I was so scared! I thought “ok, great, now my file is corrupted!!!”

It’s because you zoom in & out a lot that you had avoided it.

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