Dorico not starting - FAO Daniel

Sorry Daniel, as a new user I couldn’t reply to you, apparently! Here’s a crash file. There are lots. This is the latest. I had some VSTs crashing validation so moved all but the Steinberg VST out of their folders into temporary places to eliminate them as a cause of the issue.

Also the e-licencer is still showing 3.5 but nothing for 4. Not sure if that’s correct?

All Crash Files (761.7 KB)

VSTAudioEngine5_2022-01-12-190843_Simons-MacBook-Pro.crash (125.7 KB)

It’s correct that you shouldn’t see anything related to Dorico 4 in eLicenser Control Center. Your Dorico 4 license is now handled by Steinberg Activation Manager.

It looks like Izotope Ozone and Tonal Balance Control are crashing the VST Scanner, so you might want to find them and move them out of the way. It also looks like Groove Agent SE could be causing a problem: that should be found in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components. Try moving that out of there as well for now.

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Daniel! Thank you so much! It was Groove Agent.

Great. Glad you’re up and running! I’m not sure what the situation is going to be with updating Groove Agent to be compatible with all these new bits and pieces, but I’m sure that’s something we’re going to be discussing in the coming days as we plan our next moves. For the time being, keep it out of the way (it won’t work well with Dorico anyway at this point), and all should be well.