Dorico not starting up half of the time ...

Very often, Dorico hangs when I start it and I have to force quit it and try again. This happens with version 2.1 and now with 2.2.

Any suggestion as to what I can do about this?

Thanks for your insights.


Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report from within Dorico, and attach the zip file that will be produced on your desktop to a reply in this thread.

Unfortunately this happened to me as well today. After 3 times only a bouncing icon for a long time, I restarted the computer and tried again. It still took 2 tries before the program started.

And your diagnostic report zip file so that we can investigate is where, André…?

let me check my pocketjes…

edit: the problem with these things is that it never happens when they “need” to so you can share it. Here is a report from the first time it started normally after the couple of times it didn’t.
Dorico (1.59 MB)

In the cases where Dorico is not starting up for you, it looks as if it’s waiting for the eLicenser. I suggest you quit Dorico, run the eLicenser Control Center, and allow it to perform its default maintenance tasks. That should improve matters, and indeed will probably help the original poster, Toni, as well.

I did it just now and indeed Dorico opens much faster. Thanks!

Dorico (317 KB)
This is the Diagnostics file. Runny eLicenser maintenance seems to help somewhat: Dorico hang only once the last five times I started it.

PS: Version 2.2 is great - I especially like the new coda/repeat tools!

Yup, your application.log files show the same scenario: Dorico is waiting for the eLIcenser in order to start up. Hopefully having run the maintenance tasks things will run more smoothly for you now.

I have been having the same problem since 2.1. I tried the maintenance tasks for e-licenser and now it seems more prone to crashing on startup. Generally it starts 1 out of every 3 or 4 tries). It used to be the other way around. I attached a diagnostic report (.ZIP) after 3 unsuccessful attempt. The fourth worked and the file is attached. I’d love to know what I could do to avoid this problem in the future!

On another note, BRAVO! on 2.2. AMAZING WORK! Every item on my wish list was addressed. Dorico has been my primary notation software since 2.0 and now, I don’t foresee workarounds for my needs. So nice! Thank You
Dorico (305 KB)

Strangely enough, so have I - after moving to Mojave - but also having installed the Mojave-specific update a couple of months back.

Have performed the e-licenser maintenance (twice). But Dorico still fails to launch 50% of the time.

Thanks for any ideas!

Hear Hear!

Mark, please follow the instructions that Daniel mentions above. We can’t help you without that.

Thank you for the quick response! I can’t believe the customer service on these forums. INCREDIBLE!!

(and to think that Sibelius is only just now compatible with Mojave.) 2.2 dwarfs the Sibelius update. JUST AWESOME!

Of course, Paul; thanks!

Attached a report from the most recent occasion on which Dorico launched…

Dorico (520 KB)

Certainly several of those log files show the same symptom, i.e. that Dorico is waiting to hear from the eLicenser, and it’s not. Can you please also try downloading and installing the latest version of eLicenser Control Center from here, then let it run its default maintenance tasks, and see if that makes any difference?

EDIT - Daniel beat me to it.

That does look very odd. As far as I can tell from that, it does appear to be the eLicenser initialisation that sometimes hangs. Have you tried rebooting, to clear any old processes that are hanging around? Do you have any other applications running?

Thanks, Daniel, Paul :slight_smile:.

In my case, I have the eLicenserControlSetup version… updated the other day actually.

Whereas the actual eLicenser Control Center itself is version

On 10.14.1 rebooting makes no difference.

Have certainly run the maintenance tasks (< 60 secs) and waited for the ‘Close’ button.

FWIW, I have both running in a subdirectory (‘eLicenser’) of /Applications; though if that were the issue, I’d expect it to fail every time.

No other audio processes - except NotePerformer, which is launched by Dorico, I believe.

For what it’s worth, I updated the e-license app before commenting above…although it sounds like (from Paul’s response) that in my case, it’s not the issue.

I had the eLicenser updated and the problem persists …
Dorico (319 KB)

For the time being I’m afraid I don’t think there’s a lot else we can do, but I will consult with the eLicenser team and come back to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.