Dorico note grouping before rests

Hi guys,
maybe a stupid question but i can’t figure this out… How can i convince Dorico, to write a quarter note (the selected one) on the first stave as on the other two staves? Only way seems to write a note instead of the following rest. I tried several settings in the Notation options → Note Grouping but no one seems to affected this.
Thank you!

If the Notation Options don’t cover a particular situation, then it’s time to use Force Duration (shortcut o).
Select the tied note, then press ‘5 o 6’ (without the quotes). This will temporarily shorten it to an eighth note, add the forced duration property, and then extend it to a true quarter note. The button with the ‘clamp’ symbol in the toolbox on the left will be highlighted.

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Depends on your time signature. In 4/4 it should be possible. 2/2 behaves different …

Thanks a lot, it works! Now i know what this clamp is good for! :smiley:

time signature is 4/4. It seemed only strange to me why the following rest makes the difference :thinking:

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I’d love an option to just be able to input eighth/quarter/eighth in 2/4 or in a half bar of 4/4 or 2/2 where the eighths can be notes or rests. Is there some passage in Behind Bars or another notation guide that prohibits this? I’ve never really understood why Dorico does this either. It doesn’t seem like whether the quarter is followed by a note or rest should have any effect at all in this example as it’s not crossing the half-bar.

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