Dorico Note playback

Can someone tell me if several slots from different libraries can be triggered in Note Playback with the same Dorico staff?
For example violin 1 in different Note Slots with a single staff? or do I always have to duplicate the staff?

Indeed, the way the routing is conceived makes it impossible to trigger directly two different channels or virtual instruments from one notated instrument.
Note that it’s fairly easy to duplicate a player in Setup mode.

Yes it is clear that it is easy but I only wanted a little space in my scores

(Sorry @MarcLarcher )This is possible using different voices on the single staff and independent voice playback. It is important to turn on voice colours, or you will quickly lose track of the sounds!
Edit: Here’s a trivial example
ivp-single staff.dorico (760.2 KB)

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Some VST’s can assign MIDI input channels so that one could have a single MIDI stream trigger multiple sounds (from the same VST), but that requires a VST with that capability (such as Garritan Aria) and some manual tweaking.

But then you must use two different voices, right? I don’t think that was what the OP was asking for…

Correct. But the OP only specified a single staff. Different voices is the way to achieve that.

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Ok. I was thinking (but indeed, it’s not specified) the op wanted to route, say, violins I to different libraries, which is a rather usual thing for people creating mockups. Using voices would not be as helpful as duplicating players (and hiding the duplicates if notation is needed).