Dorico/NotePerformer with BBCSO Pro: how good are the solo strings?

Hello folks,

Does someone here use NotePerformer and BBCSO Professional with Dorico? I currently have the Core one, but with the Spring discount currently available on Spitfire, I’m tempted to upgrade to the Pro for various reasons.
I’m wondering if someone here has examples of how the solo strings sound in Dorico/NotePerformer (vs just the Spitfire player). If you do, I’d appreciate any links to take a listen. Ideally something classical, solo and or ensemble. But anything helps! The sale ends soon, so please send me demos soon if possible :slight_smile:


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I think Note Performer built-in solo strings are one of the bests. I tired many VSTs including BBCSO Pro. None gives me as satisfactory results as Note performer built-in sound.

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unfortunately, I also just have the BBC Core so can’t help directly. I’m curious what you are planing to do with the solo strings? As they are designed as first chairs, it wouldn’t be an obvious choice for chamber music because of the acoustic and relatively limited number of articulations. I’d certainly consider the upgrade myself if my system had a hope in hell of running it but it doesn’t and NPPE requires even more resources than running the library natively.

Do a youtube search for ‘pochon bbcso’