Dorico on base model Mac M1

I have a technical question that I have not been able to find a concrete answer to anywhere. So I dare to ask it here; does any esteemed member of this forum have experience with Dorico (4) on a Mac M1 with 8GB RAM (desktop/laptop)?
The largest configuration I’m writing for is a 15-piece Big Band.

Least to say, I have an M1-MacMini with 16GB and it runs very well with D4.

8GB will be a bit tight if you start using heavier sample libraries, but with Dorico’s built-in sounds you should be OK. However, for future-proofing, I would advise you to find the extra money for additional RAM if you possibly can – you can always expand the internal disk storage with external drives in the future, but the RAM you buy now will be the maximum that machine will ever get, so I would recommend going for at least 16GB if you can find a way to afford it.


I have one of the last Intel Macs (2020) from my workplace that has 8GB of RAM, and it runs Dorico Pro 4 ok in small (1-2 pages, 3-5 players) but very poorly much beyond that. I think it’s a bit of an exaggeration for the official minimum requirements to be 4GB and only 8GB recommended. (I might say 8 and 16 are more accurate).

My personal Mac is a M1 Max with 64GB RAM and Dorico absolutely flies there. In reality, the sweet spot is probably somewhere in between.

@dspreadbury is the min/rec specs something you’d consider bumping up? I think it would be useful for people like me who advise on institutional purchases to show our administration that we need more to run the software well.

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You can max out 8gb ram just with a browser. It would be very near-sighted to not bump up to at least 16. Even phones have that much ram now.

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The Venn diagram of “Macs with 4Gb of RAM” and “Macs that can run Mojave or later” is an empty set.


Thanks a lot for all the contributions!
Maybe it will be elegant on my part if I explain the reason for the question. Well, at the moment I am using Dorico on a Mini mac (2012 i7 16GB RAM) and actually have no problems with it. In fact, using other programs as well as browsing very heavy websites makes me want to update the hardware. However, I think I will hold off on that purchase, at least for this year, as I want to shift some of my finances to a hardware instrument (of the Yamaha MX61 type). Therefore, I have reduced my intentions to buy an M1 computer from 16 GB RAM to 8 GB RAM, but as can be seen from your comments, this is quite a risky path.