Dorico on iPad Air M1 crashing all the time

Hi, I’m a long time Dorico user and am disappointed to say that it is unusable on my iPad Air M1 256 gb. If I change from play to setup, it crashes, if I try to change the sounds to use iSymphony, it crashes. And there are also random crashes. I’ve reinstalled it, and it made absolutely no difference. I hope this can be sorted out soon.

Welcome to the forum, @DickieBl. Sorry to hear you’re having stability problems. Would you mind grabbing the .ips files that are created when Dorico for iPad crashes, zipping them up and attaching them here, so I can see what specific issues you’re running into?

You can find them by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data. You’ll see files called e.g. Dorico-2022-05-17-095545.ips or similar: share each of those to your Mac via AirDrop and then zip them up and attach them here.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I just had a thought. I’m loading files which were made on my Mac and used Noteperformer 3 voices. I don’t know if that would cause a problem.
Here are the files from today. I just tried to load one of my files onto my old iPad Air 3 and had the same problem, I went to setup and it just froze.
Here are the IPS files fr today (91.5 KB)

Sorry for the delay in coming back to you – I was unexpectedly away from my workstation due to a family emergency.

It looks as if Dorico is crashing due to some kind of accessibility feature, though I can’t tell what’s actually going on. Do you have any of iPadOS’s accessibility features enabled on your iPad? If so, which ones?

I’m sorry to hear you had a family emergency. I wish you all the best.
I’ve enclosed a screenshot of my accessibility screen. I don’t remember changing anything.

Sorry for the very long delay in coming back to you, @DickieBl. I’m curious whether you have found the more recent Dorico for iPad updates any more stable?

Hi, not really. I’ve included a file made on my Mac. If I load it, go to setup and try to change the flute, for example, the whole thing freezes. Perhaps you’ll have better luck.

All the best

Mozart Concerto 1.dorico (1.07 MB)

When you say it freezes, do you mean that when you tap the little button for the Flute’s instrument label to show the menu, that the menu doesn’t appear and the app seems to freeze? If so, the app hasn’t really frozen: the menu has appeared, but somewhere off-screen: you should find that if you drag the little handle at the top centre of the screen a little way, as if you wanted to put the app into Split View, but let go again, that the app has become responsive once more, and if you tap the button again to show the menu once more, it should appear this time.

Yes that’s what I mean. I’ve just opened Dorico with the same file from yesterday, went straight into a black screen. Tried rebooting the iPad. Had to load the file from iCloud as I still got a black screen, the file loaded, I did as you suggested, Dorico disappeared. I reopened it and got the black screen again.

Could you please go into Settings, Privacy, Analytics & Improvements, Analytics Data, then find any files whose names begin with “Dorico” followed by today’s date (written out in the ISO format like “20220716-110236”) ending with .ips, and share them to your Mac, then zip them up and attach them here?

There was only one. (6.27 KB)

Thanks for attaching that. I don’t think that log can be associated with Dorico failing to start up again: it appears to be a crash caused by dragging either a player or an instrument held by that player in the Players panel in Setup mode.

To get Dorico back up and running, I suggest reinstalling from the App Store. Before you do this, open the Files app, then go to On My iPad and then to Dorico, and make sure that you have taken a backup of any files contained in this location, e.g. copy them to iCloud Drive or similar.

Once you’re sure you’ve got copies of all important projects from that location, long-press the Dorico icon on your home screen and choose Delete App, then go back to the App Store and re-download the app. It should then start up again with no problems.

Thanks for your reply. I’m going away for 10 days. I’ll try again when I get back. I did delete it and tried again and it seemed to be a bit better, though I did manage to crash it.
Will let you know how I get on when I get back.
All the best.